About Me

Laura Harold is a contemporary fine artist painter in oils. She is specifically interested in the subject area of beauty and the idea of beauty; particularly women’s image in relation to the gaze of society and the media. 

Facts about Laura you would not know unless she told you so...

winter march 64.jpg

I was born on Good Friday at 23.40pm on 27th March 1964 in Barnet Memorial Hospital North London. Even though it was March, it was snowing.

Astrologically this means I am Scorpio rising, Aries sun sign and Libra moon and a Dragon in the Chinese horoscope.

I am the oldest of three siblings.


My family was moved to a council estate in Moss Hall Grove, Finchley on the personal intervention by Margaret Thatcher MP for Finchley in 1968, when I was four years old.

I then attended Moss Hall Junior School from 1968 to 1976. I was interested only in art, sewing and playing in the school netball team as goal attack, plus, winning the sprinting every year at sports day.

laura6 1.jpg

From 1976 to 1982 I attended Bishop Douglas Comprehensive School in East Finchley and eventually achieved 7 O levels including Maths and an A level.

I Represented the school in Hockey as goal attack and in athletics coming 2nd in the 100 metres in Barnet County  championships at age 14.


My first job was as an usherette in the Hendon Odeon at about 14 years of age, although I was also too young to watch some of the films!


Met future husband Michael Harold at age 24 years old, went travelling to Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. Went on further trips. One was to Hollywood, stayed in the Hilton Hotel which was by chance hosting an international film festival. She was mistaken for an English actress and was invited to the hollywood parties. Barbara Stanwyck’s manager wanted to be her agent but she just wanted to get married and have a family. So she said goodbye to all that and returned to England.

My first oil painting below was for my Art A level.

I was contacted by Beverley Goodway of the Sun newspaper and asked to pose for page 3. Offer was declined.


1982 to 1985 I attended London College of Fashion to study Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing. I also had to leave home around this time when I was 18.



First job on qualifying from the London College of fashion was in St James Health Club St, James street, Mayfair and was chosen to give a massage to James Baker III, Secretary of State of America when he came to London. He signed a dollar bill to Laura with his signature above his official signature on the bill.

After a year working at age 22 years of age, bought first property for £36,000 and sold it two years later for £54,000. 

Studied shiatsu to Intermediate stage. 

Was at the Mike Tyson Frank Bruno fight in Las Vegas 25th February 1989. Met Mohammed Ali and he gave her a leaflet on Islam.


She married Michael Harold in 1990 and a year later had a son James born a month premature by caesarean and was nearly killed in the portland hospital due to unexpected liver failure. 


I took refuge in a hostel run by the nuns on Haverstock Hill Hampstead and from there moved to a flat next Broadwater Farm in Tottenham. I was living there during the riots.


Had second son Andrew in 1994 and Michael and Laura had bought a house in Chester Square. She was was a long way from the council estate in Finchley, she was a neighbour of Margaret Thatcher who was now prime minister and also lived in Chester Square. 

Joined Michael Harold as a Director and Company Secretary of a group of companies involved in the manufacture and sale of packaging, Harold Supplies PLC being the largest, and Harold Engineering Ltd selling products to the oil and gas industry.

Learned C++ language programming in order to launch the companies web page, the internet was in its infancy and no one knew how it would grow. Other computer software packages she learnt were filemaker pro, Microsoft word, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express. MYOB accounting software, Photoshop. 

Plus very early Optical character recognition software. This resulted in the conversion of a specification document for a  Piggyback attachment systems tender. This had to be turned around in one day and resulted in getting the order.

buck invit.jpg

As a result Laura and Michael were invited to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party for having one of the largest exports of the year to Hyundai.

Now she was in charge of personnel, legal matters, all advertising. Producing corporate brochure and leaflets. Everything to do with the decoration and storage in the factory. Filing systems. The formatting of quotations and documentation in the  accountancy package. Teaching personnel to use new software. Property acquisition, development and interior decoration work as well as the work at the factory and being the mother of two young boys.

Installed Filmnet receivers in customers houses in a brief foray into selling satellite and projector equipment.

Won Belgravia in Bloom in 1994 for the category of best window boxes, in a competition that she didn’t know she’d been entered in.

Hit the headlines in 1996 for the so called battle of Belgravia, when she was attacked by a lawyer dragged through the solicitors office on her back and thrown into the street. 


A private prosecution was taken, when the CPS would take no action citing lack of evidence, even though there was an independent witness who saw Mr Chubb throwing her out of the door with himself along as well. Plus the medical records and photographs of injuries. Allen Chubb was found guilty of false imprisonment and actual bodily harm. The jury didn’t think there was a lack of evidence.

Front page of the times

Hit the headlines in 1996 for the so called battle of Belgravia, when she was attacked by a lawyer dragged through the solicitors office on her back and thrown into the street. 

Although was inundated with requests for interviews just did the  Times and featured on their people of special interest page for her courage.they aid.

Although was inundated with requests for interviews just did the  Times and featured on their people of special interest page for her courage.they aid.

Divorced Michael Harold in 2005 and started a BA fine Art degree at the Sir John Cass School of Art as a mature part time student and finished in 2005.

Continued to raise two boys as a single parent.

Became a multi millionaire through property development.

Had first solo exhibition in 2010.

Raised funds for the Welsh Guards by painting a picture which was auctioned raising £4000.

Joined the committee for International animal rescue and painted a picture for them for auction which raised £10,000 and met Buzz Aldrin astronaut and 2nd man on the moon.