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Goddess Series - Painting 1

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

What's this all about? Flame red#, passion#? Melancholic# couldn't care eyes#?

Goddess 1 1600mm x1300mm Oil on Linen Canvas Laura Harold

Goddess 1 1600mm x1300mm Oil on Linen Canvas

This painting was the first of the series and men like it the most of the series, but paradoxically it's saying you see me? but you don't really see me. You see my face but we are so far apart, you can't see me, only my beauty. I am a Goddess, worship me if you will, but you know nothing of me.

Based on a picture of Marilyn Monroe# overlaid by Greta Garbo# - it's heavily red and very hard edged. It's a dark melancholy picture showing the unhappiness of these two women but still retains a beautiful image. The image constructed belies the truth of surgery etc performed to produce an image that looks effortless, ethereal, out of this world. The greatest images of the ideal of beauty, achieved and shown to us by the media failed to produce personal happiness for these two screen stars.

Red and white, Sex and glamour... no blood and bandages.

Plucked, shaved, bleached, nose job, chin implant, dental work and reduction of weight, goodness knows what else.

To the ordinary woman in the street these movie stars are inspiration. Goddesses, they yearn to look like them, emulate them. Maybe the magic will rub off. But ironically this beauty must not be attainable, otherwise it becomes common place and no longer desirable. Marilyn Monroe said she was the loneliest person in the world. To be a goddess# you must be untouchable and unattainable and therefore ultimately alone.

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